Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Janie's Sick

Janie is sick.  She had a temperature of 100.9 when we left Palestine.  I told her to stay in bed this morning but she did not.  After we got back from getting the car repaired she took a short nap and still did not feel any better.  She has not eaten anything today.  She got up from her nap and I told her to just stay while I went to Palestine but she insisted on going.  When we got there she went strait to bed at Sarah's house and we went to church. The service went well.  I set up the booth and gave a report on France missions.  I preached a sermon and afterward they had a covered dish supper.  The food was good and when it was over we went back to the house, checked Janie's temperature and got in the car to head for Henderson.  She lay down in the back seat and I took her strait to her parents house.  She wanted me to stop and pick up some things for her mother at Wal-mart but I said no.  She is in bed now not feeling well at all.  Pray for her.  I am not use to her being sick.  It has been a rare thing for her to get sick.  The picture above is of Janie at the church on Sunday getting ready to play for the Junior choir practice. 
Tomorrow I will take my Father-in-law for his doctor's appointment and then pick up the things they need from the store.  I will try to get Janie to stay in bed if she is not feeling better by in the morning.  She needs to catch up on her sleep since she got little to none during camp. 

My son invited me to join a thing on face book where you commit to staying married and faithful to your spouse no matter what.  I did not understand the reasoning until my oldest daughter explained it to me.  I told my son on his facebook page that I did not need to commit nor vow to be faithful and stay married to my spouse no matter what because I did that almost 37 years ago and that commitment still stands.  In sickness and in health until death do us part was my vow and I have never ever considered leaving my wife.  I told my daughter that to recommit would seem to say to others that I had considered breaking my vows. If you did not mean it when you got married what would make anyone believe you mean it now?  My daughter did a good job explaining the need for such and I see it now.  I was just looking at it from a different perspective. 
This last picture here was taken this evening by our daughter, Sarah.  It is of me answering questions at the booth about France Missions.  Well I am off to check on Janie.  God bless you.

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