Friday, August 6, 2010

She is Well

Janie is well this morning.  Her fever broke in the middle of the night and she feels much better this morning. I went over to see her uncle Trenton and he is doing well.  I noticed a lot of  leaves falling from the trees.  The leaves are beginning to turn yellow which seems a little early for fall.  It may the hot dry weather.  Trenton has a lady that stays with him during the day time.  She cooks and cleans for him.   When I arrived she was making potato salad.  She had a peach cobbler in the oven.  When I left she was frying Spam for his lunch.  Fried Spam and and homemade potato salad wow!!!  He is doing great.  At this rate he is going to have to get a new wardrobe.
I plan to take Janie's mother for her hair appointment and let Janie relax here at the house with her dad.  I worked yesterday reviewing the sermons for the revival and praying.  I took a short 1 mile walk yesterday, (it was 101 degrees outside), and will take another longer walk again today, (suppose to be 100 today).  I preached the sermon I will do Sunday morning to the trees as I walked yesterday and in 20 minutes I was less than half way through the sermon so may have to trim that one a bit.  The picture above was taken earlier this year from a window in our living room.  I thought it would make me feel better about the walk I will take later.  God bless you.

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