Saturday, September 11, 2010

We are Home

Janie with our new found friends in France
We made it home safely from France.  We were up a total of 43 hours from the time we got up at Jason's house until we went to bed after getting home in Hillsboro.  We had a good nights rest and have hit the ground running this morning.  Two of our church members died while we were on vacation.  A former pastor, Bro. Billy Daniels held the first funeral in my place but the second one I will do this Sunday.  I will need to get that sermon ready today and the sermons for Sunday along with reviewing the Sunday School lesson.  Tonight we will go to family visitation and tomorrow afternoon I will preach the funeral.  Monday I plan to do some visitation and then get back to work on my thesis. 
Jason, Me, and Hicham, the pastor in Carcassonne
We really enjoyed our trip to France.  I plan to stay in touch with the pastor at the church in Carcassonne and will enjoy discussing Bible doctrines with him.  We were sent home with several gifts from our new found friends in France.  I opened a jar of homemade fig preserves that was given to us.  They had walnuts in them and tasted very very good. One lady gave us several handmade things which we are anxious to show everyone.  I will try to take some pictures of these and show them here on this blog later.  Justin and Sarah picked us up at the airport and spent the night with us last night.  They left after breakfast this morning.  They have moved into a new house and we are going to try to go by there to see it the end of next week.  It is good to be back home.  God bless  you.

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