Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Micah, Jason, Caleb, Andrew, Janie, and Lilia in front of the castle
Sweet Arianna, her feet are ticklish
Another good day in France.  I did have a headache today and took a couple of short naps.  This afternoon I was feeling much better.  This morning we went to the village cemetery and discovered that they bury family in the same grave.  We had a visit from one of the ladies from the church at Carcassone this afternoon and enjoyed her visit.  We went to pick up the two boys from school and then went to the Castle in Carcassone.  It was very interesting and we took a lot of pictures.  There were gift shops there and we picked up some souvenirs.  We took the kids to eat at the French version of McDonald's called "Quick."  It was very good.  Tomorrow we are going to go for a hike up the mountain and that should be a lot of fun.  Just two more days in France. The time has passed quickly.  God bless you.

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