Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Qu'est-ce Que C'est Vomit?

Caleb, Lilia, Andrew, Micah on top of the hill near their house
Janie outside Curves in Carcassonne, France
I got up this morning to the sound of grandkids in the house.  I let Janie sleep in, which she did not do, while I took the kids out for breakfast.  McDonald's in France does not serve breakfast so we went to a store to buy some pastries to take back to the house.  Right before we went to the store Caleb said his stomach hurt.  I asked where and he pointed.  He was acting normal otherwise so I had him load up with the rest of the kids and headed to the store.  In the checkout line I paid for our breakfast goodies and the cashier pointed beside me and said a word in French.  I turned to see Caleb standing right beside me with a handful of goo that had a trail leading to his nose and mouth.  Beneath him at his feet was a puddle of gooie clear liquid whose source could only have been the same as that in his hands.  The cashier offered me a roll of paper towels and I began to clean him up and the floor as the people in line seemed to have an air of patience and deepest sympathy.  The cashier spake more words that I could not comprehend and Lilia said "she wants to know if you need more paper towels.  I indicated "no" and finished the clean up with what I had.  I took my change from the counter and led the brood to the car.  Caleb exclaimed in the car "I never threw up in Le Clerc before."  That was the name of the store as I understand it.  He laid down on the couch when we got home and Lilia gave him a bowl to hold.  We ate eclairs in front of him and they were outstanding.  After we were through with breakfast Caleb decided he was hungry now so he ate 2 eclairs and began to play with the others.  He seemed to be feeling fine and had lots of energy to play.  We loaded up and headed to the hospital later to let Janie take Jason's place with Angie and Arianna.  We got about 3 miles from the hospital when Caleb struck again. All over the carpet in the car.  I pulled over and Janie cleaned up the mess, bless her heart.  We loaded back up and completed the journey.  He has not vomited since but has had a problem at the other end.  Angie wants Jason to keep him home from the first day of school just to make sure he is over it.  He is going to hate that for He is really looking forward to being back in school. 
Janie with Curves worker next to the dreaded stretch machine
Jason took us to McDonald's for lunch and then for some site seeing.  We pass a Curves place and went back for some pictures.  Janie went inside and the lady there offered to let her go the rounds but she declined.  We just saw this as a photo opportunity and took it.  Jason went inside with her to take the pictures and to interpret.  After lunch we returned to drop Janie off at the hospital and then headed home where we took a walk to the top of the hill near Jason's house and then Jason cooked us a really good supper.  We cleaned up and Jason bathed the boys.  We watched a movie and then put them to bed.  I will head that way myself right after this blog. 
I will miss being with Janie tonight.  She will enjoy time with the baby and I am sure will be very tired tomorrow.  I don't know what will happen tomorrow if any of the other kids get sick they may call off the Bible Study.  Hopefully none of the rest of them or us will get sick.  I better head for bed quick to keep my resistance up.  It has been good to be here and I hope that we have been able to be a help to Jason and Angie.  The things we do on our vacation to the south of France is probably nothing like the things most people do when they vacation is such an exotic place.  I have studied the Bible today and I always enjoy that.  I have washed dishes today and cleaned up after a sick child.  How many vacationers to Europe can say that.  God bless you.

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