Saturday, September 4, 2010

She is Home

Janie in the back seat on the way to IKEA
They brought Arianna home today.  Janie and I took care of the kids this morning and afternoon waiting for Arianna's arrival home.  We took the kids for a walk after lunch into the center of Magrie.  There is a Catholic Cathedral there that was built in the 1400's.  After Arianna arrived and got settled in Jason took us to IKEA to shop.  We bought Angie a rocking chair and Jason bought a cabinet.  We returned home and Jason assembled the chair.  Janie is now rocking Arianna and both seem to like it.
We have seen three crops that grow here in southern France, grapes, sunflowers, and maze.  We have eaten locally grown strawberries and they were excellent. 
Arianna in a new outfit at home
I am looking forward to church services in the morning.  They are going to have a fellowship afterward and I am looking forward to experiencing a French covered dish lunch.  I plan to watch the services at Walnut Street tomorrow.  God bless you.

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