Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jet Lag Over

On the way to school in Limoux France
I think the jet lag is over now.  My sleep routine has returned.  I got up at 6:30 yesterday and again this morning so I think 2 days in a row of normal means its over.  We have ladies Bible study this morning and I am going to discuss with them the doctrine of Amillenialism.  This seems to be a popular doctrine in Europe.  I read a long article last night that defended the position and then another long one that refuted it. 

We have a lunch engagement with a friend today and then this afternoon at 5:00 we will head down to Lorena for services there.  They had listened to a recording of one of my sermons in their Sunday morning services and I had run out of time and announced that I would finish that sermon in the evening services.  I got a phone call requesting that I come prepared to finish that sermon so as not to leave them hanging.  I have that sermon out and will preach that for them this evening.

The bulletin is ready for Sunday and today I will get the sermon for Sunday typed up.  I am going to attempt to preach through the book of Genesis on Sunday mornings and will start that series most likely in January.  I had planned not to do a series like that until I finished my thesis but the LORD had other plans for me.  I just can't seem to keep Genesis off of my mind so I will yield to His leading.  I am planning to preach on a Christmas theme each Sunday in December which is not that far away.
Ok its off to study now, the ladies will be here in 2 hours.  God bless you.

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