Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are We There Yet

Lilia, Caleb, and me at the summit marker mount Pic de Brau
The kids are out of school on Wednesdays.  Our morning started off with the police surrounding the house next door and arresting the man who lives there.  They pulled him, handcuffed, out of his bedroom window.  One of the police officers came to Jason and Angie's house and told them what was going on and that it did not involve them.  There was no sleeping after that. 
Lilia, Me, and Caleb about 1/3 of the way up the mountain.
Jason and I took Lilia and Caleb with us on a hike.  We walked by road to the trail head and then started up a mountain.  It was very steep with no switchbacks.  I stopped at least three times to rest.  I walked very very slowly up the steep grade.  After about three hours I reached the top.  Jason and Lilia went ahead of me and Caleb getting to the top way ahead of us.  There was a row of electric generator windmills at the top and it was very windy.  My left leg was hurting by the time I reached the summit.  We took some pictures and Jason called Angie to come and pick us up.  We started back down the mountain and Jason went quickly to the bottom to meet Angie.  Lilia and I brought up the rear coming down the steep grade very slowly.  We made it back to the road without any problem and then walked a ways down the road before being met by Jason, Angie, and Caleb in the car.  It was a sight for sore eyes.  It only took us an hour and a half to make it down the mountain.  I enjoyed visiting with Caleb on the way up and with Lilia on the way down.  I was singing hymns on the way up and with Lilia's help I was singing a French song on the way back down.  It was all in all a great hike.  The view from on top was amazing.
This evening we took the kids to a carnival in town.  They had a really good time.  They were so excited.  We returned home and Jason and Angie cooked us another outstanding meal. 
Caleb, Andrew, and Micah at the carnival
Tomorrow is our last day in France.  I will attempt to print our boarding passes in the morning and pack our suitcases.  We want to pick up a few things in town so will do that in the morning.  The Bible study tomorrow night will be a good time to tell everyone good bye.  About midnight we will head for the airport in Barcelona.  Though we have had a really good time these two weeks I am looking forward to being home.  God bless you.

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