Sunday, September 26, 2010

Out And Out Fun

Enjoying Pomegranates at the Taylor house
We had a good visit with our grandkids on Friday and Saturday.  Elijah is six months old now and has really grown a lot.  I went walking with the grandkids and I introduced them to pomegranates.  I had to show them how to eat them and they enjoyed that.  I am not sure that Jonathan, the nearly three year old, got the hang of it.  He would put the seed in his mouth then spit it right back out. He seemed to have fun with it and as far as he could tell that was all that the others were doing. I just love spending time with grandkids.  There is so much that I could teach them and tell them.  They are just fun to be around.
We had a good crowd at church today. The services went very well and choir practice was just out and out fun. I have a very busy week ahead with the local association meeting at our church on Saturday. I have to get ready for that and get sermons ready for Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I am running behind on so many things.  I am way behind schedule on my thesis and as soon as I get the local minute book ready to go I have to work on the database for the State association meeting.  I have a meeting tomorrow morning and one tomorrow afternoon. Two meetings on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.  We need to go to Canton on Thursday, Henderson on Friday and back to Hillsboro for the meeting on Saturday.  Busy Busy. God bless  you.

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