Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Sermons

Bro. Paul, preaching at the nursing home
I like new sermons.  It is not uncommon for me to preach sermons I have preached before.  I have thousands of sermons and some I have preached only once others I have preached a half a dozen times or more.  By far I like preaching new sermons.  I enjoy studying a text and learning and discovering new and exciting things in God's Word.  When I do I can't wait to get to a pulpit and share it with people.  I spent about four hours studying the text I preached this evening.  It was new and fresh and exciting.  I really enjoyed preaching it.  The problem with new sermons is that they take more study time and there are times that I am busy with other work for the Lord and just don't have time to work up a new sermon.  I decided this evening that because I enjoy a new sermon so much that I am going to do as many new sermons as I can.  I had planned to preach from Matthew a sermon I had done before but not here at Walnut Street.  I have now decided to preach a new one Sunday morning and will share the one I did this evening with Walnut Street Sunday night. Tomorrow night I plan to preach a new sermon from the book of Leviticus chapter 14.  I have not worked it up yet but just thinking about the text has me excited.

Touring Carcassone with the grandkids
I have much work to do for the upcoming association meetings both the Local and the State.  I am going to tackle that next but thought I would blog first.  The ladies Bible study was really good this morning.  They ask lots of questions on and off the subject at hand.  I love these sessions and they really keep me on my guard.  I have to be instant in season and out, being ready for any question from Genesis to Revelation.
The French lessons are coming along better than I had expected.  I am using RosettaStone software and it is very effective.  They say in their advertisement that you don't have to memorize anything and I could not understand how that could be.  How else will you remember what a word means if you don't memorize the word and put it with its English counterpart.  Well it is true to its claim.  The software has thus far not yet spoken one word of English to me. NOT ONE! Yet when I hear the French word for cat, "chat", I don't translate the word I think of a cat. The software makes you think in French.  I can see how this is going to work very well for me. I started to translate the words and caught myself.  You don't translate you put the word with the action or thing that it represents.  The part that is giving me problems is grammar.  I score well on knowing what things and actions are but when you put them into sentences and you must match gender and number and such I score very low.  I get upper 90's and 100's on speaking and knowing the words but 60's and 80's in putting the right words with those nouns and verbs.  The learning process is just begun but it is looking good. 

Well its back to work. God bless you.

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