Sunday, September 19, 2010

Parlez-vous français? Not Yet

Justin and Sarah's new home
We had five first time visitors in our services today. We love to have visitors.  Janie and I were invited to lunch and one of our first time visitors was also invited to join us. I had much in common with him.  He works for a steel company of which I was familiar.  He is a millwright and I was a machinist.  He is a very likable young man and says we will be seeing more of him.
This afternoon I began my first French lesson.  It is a very long journey but I shall be patient.  I am resolved to learn this language and have set aside time each day for this purpose.  Tomorrow while the Ladies Auxiliary meets at our house I plan to work on my thesis.  I am anxious to return to that labor and shall do so with much delight. I have too few index cards to begin the sorting process so the actual setting down of the words of the thesis is still far away.
Yesterday we visited our daughter and got to see there new home.  It was very nice indeed.  If it were located in the middle of a 200 acre farm I believe they would be most content.  They have cows on one place, pigs, turkeys and other fowl on another, and chickens on yet another place. God truly has blessed them.  Its off to bed now.  I plan to do my French lessons first thing each morning so had better get a good nights rest.  God bless you.

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