Monday, September 6, 2010


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Now that's what you call a yawn.
We kind of took the day off today and stayed at home.  We just took it easy all day.  The kids went to school and Jason went to take care of some business which did not go well as it turned out.  We watched a movie and just relaxed.  Janie rocked Arianna several times today and she enjoyed that.  The baby seems to have her days and nights mixed up a bit.  Jason is talking about taking a hike with me up to the top of the hill across the valley.  That sounds like fun to me.  There is a carnival in town and the kids want to go so that may take up our Wednesday which is the kids day off from school.  Lilia and Andrew will not have school tomorrow due to a strike.
We went grocery shopping with Jason this afternoon.  Supper consisted of fish sticks, mixed veggies, a baguette, and some pasta.  It was very good.  For dessert we had Panna Cotta that was really good.  Everyone has gone to bed but Janie and I so I guess we should head that way. God bless you.

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