Friday, September 3, 2010

Shopping in France

Rabbits, eye balls and all, at a meat market Limoux, France
Now that is fresh Chicken
Janie wanted to feel of the river water, it was cold.
We got the kids ready for school this morning and Jason arrived from the hospital in time to take them.  We ate chocolate covered waffles for breakfast.  After dropping the kids off at school Jason took us for a long walk through town.  It was market day and we saw a lot interesting things.  Janie was able to find a couple of skirts and I got a couple of post cards.  As you can see from the pictures we saw some interesting sites.  We took a short walk by the river and even went into the large Catholic church in the center of town.  We went to a piano museum and it was interesting.  We walked up to a man that was playing one of the pianos and he looked up at us and said "Hello."  He was an American who split his time living in France and in California.  He recognized right off that we were from Texas.  I am not sure what it is about our speech that betrays our origin but it sure gave us away I reckon.  We stayed in town until the kids got out for lunch and we returned home for lunch.  I had a peanut butter and lemon jelly sandwich also a peanut butter and fig sandwich both were good.  After taking the kids back to school we went and visited with Angie and Arianna for the afternoon.  That little girl sure is sweet.  Janie and I took turns holding her while we visited with Jason and Angie.  We left the hospital in time to pick up the kids and one of the ladies from the Bible study had made us a casserole and we stopped by to pick that up.  We cooked it for supper along with some leftovers and it was very good.  We are going to watch a movie with the kids then head them to bed.  Our vacation has been a really good one.  Janie has been trying to figure out Andrew's problem with potty training.  No progress as yet but Janie does not give up easy.  God bless you.

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