Monday, September 20, 2010

The Next Thing

Bro. Paul leading the singing at the nursing home
Janie and her mother heading for the beauty shop
French lessons were the first order of business early this morning.  That took about an hour and then the nursing home visit was the next thing. It was not my turn to preach but I did enjoy the services and getting to see friends.  Mowing the yard was the next thing on the agenda for the day.  The lawn mower needs a new battery and some day it will get one. Its friend, VW Jetta, gave it a boost and it ran like new.  The lawn mower cares nothing for fire ant mounds.  It shows no fear as it sends ants running every which way.  The tree in the front yard needed a hair cut really bad and it got a good one. The ladies auxiliary meeting time arrived quickly and so it was time for Bro. Paul to vacate the premises.  Things were quiet at the office.  The church bulletin got all the attention instead of the thesis.  The copier at the church no longer has a room of its own.  It got moved next to the computer which is used for publishing the church bulletin.  The driver for the copier/printer was installed and now the bulletin can be printed out directly skipping the printing and scanning steps.  This will save on ink, and money saved is money earned.  The next thing was to give the hiking shoes a work out.  Three miles and nine chapters in Proverbs later it was time to put the shoes away.  Blogging, news, and bed is all that remains of this really good day which the Lord has made.
The church in Lorena voted to have services every Tuesday night.  I love to preach and am excited about having more opportunities to do so.  I have not completely decided what to preach for them but am leaning toward the book of Proverbs.  The Holy Spirit has been silent as far as I can tell about what I am too preach this Sunday.  If He remains silent I will take that to mean that He intends for me to proceed with the plan to preach from the book of Matthew.  Well its time to move to the next thing.  God bless you.

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