Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Forgetter Works Good

Me and Marie, a long time member of Walnut St. Baptist
My forgetter works real good.  I was suppose to attend a meeting today at noon and I forgot all about it.  I got a phone call about 12:15 asking if I was coming.  I got to the meeting late and got in on the last little bit of discussion.  I had a lot to do today and got a lot done.  The 286 letters that I have to mail out are all printed and ready to be folded, stuffed, licked, and stamped.  One year my grandkids helped me with that task and I paid them for it.  It would be nice if they lived closer to us.  I plan to watch a movie tonight after church and while the movie is going I will stuff the envelopes.

I have typed the exposition of 7 of the 10 verses I will be covering in the Sunday sermon. I will try to finish that off in the morning.  I went by the bank, Post Office, mission treasurer's house, and the church. I am suppose to be walking right now but thought I would blog first before I forgot it.  You know, I never forget to eat.  I never forget to sleep. I never forget to go to church.  I did forget to pick Janie up from work once but not twice.  Forgetting is a common malady.  I just wish it would happen less.  I have a funeral tomorrow afternoon and then its off to Henderson.  We really want to go see our grandkids in Moss Hill, its just a matter of picking a day. I suspect we will go to Henderson on a Thursday and then to Moss Hill on a Friday morning.  That would probably work best for us.  Well I better get to walking.  God bless you.

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