Monday, September 13, 2010

Untitled Hymn

When I woke this morning,
the Holy Spirit came.
He told me "son your life is not a game."
You need Jesus,
You need Jesus,
You need Jesus, to live.

We went before the throne,
He waited at my side.
I praised the Lord, for me it was He died.
Thank you Jesus
Thank you Jesus
Thank you Jesus, I live.

For some things I asked Him,
I confessed my guilt of sin.
I felt so undeserving deep within.
I love you Jesus
Love you Jesus
Love you Jesus, you live.

I lingered just a moment,
When amen I'd said.
I got upon my feet and rose from bed.
I'll live for Jesus
live for Jesus
live for Jesus, He lives.

Thankful for my breakfast.
Thankful for my wife.
Thankful God has given eternal life.
Now go serve Jesus
go serve Jesus
go serve Jesus, and live.

Janie and I overlooking the Aude river in Limoux
At the funeral yesterday a young man sang the song "Untitled Hymn."  It is a beautiful song written by Chris Rice.  Google it on and check it out.  That tune was stuck in my head this morning.  The lyrics above came to me this morning and so I have shared them with you.  
God is moving in my life and I am just following His lead.  I woke this morning with my mind full of the things that I needed to get done.  All of a sudden the Holy Spirit called me to the throne and a chill went down my spine.  I obeyed and began to pray. Now don't think me crazy.  I do not hear voices in my head.  The Holy Spirit speaks to my heart.  I would never pray at all if the Holy Spirit did not move me to prayer.  My spiritual ears have been cleaned out it seems and I am more aware than ever of the actions, and the voice of the Holy Spirit of God.  
Today I will preach at the nursing home, visit some of our shut-ins, and prepare the bulletin for Sunday.  Tuesday I will teach the Ladies Bible Study and preach in the services down in Lorena. Wednesday will find me meeting with 3 other pastors in Corsicanna and I will preach our evening services.  Thursday afternoon I have a graveside service to officiate and then its off to Henderson.  All of these tasks have been given to me by the Lord and I will, in His strength, do my best.  Well it is time for Bible reading, and I need to review my sermon for this mornings service.  God bless you.

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