Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week End Week Begin

Last week ended with a district ladies auxiliary meeting that was really good. The ladies of 2nd Ave. put on a good skit and the pastor brought a really good message. The food afterward was outstanding. Janie and I missed being at her mother's for the final reunion of our grandkids and so we did not see their tearful goodbyes nor did we see the sweet smile on the face of our newest grandson as pictured in our son's blog. We lay these precious moments as a free will offering on the altar of service to our Lord.
This week began with good services and a sermon on the timing of the Resurrection and rapture of the saints. It continued with a mid-afternoon service at a nursing home where Janie played the piano and I led the singing. I preached a sermon to what seemed like a hungry and grateful audience some of whom were very expressive of their joy and agreement with the sermon. It was a joy to be there. The business meeting closed our day at church and that went well. Janie and I have spent the evening watching TV and enjoying some quiet time together.
Tomorrow we will help in the nursing home services and I will get the sermon ready for next Sunday and the bulletin. Tuesday we have ladies bible study and services in Lorena, Texas with the Faith Missionary Baptist Church.
The volcano in Iceland "Eyjafjallajökull" might cause some delays in Jason's flight plans but hopefully not. We are keeping and eye on it. They say that Eyjafjallajökull's bigger brother might go off next and that can't be good. The increasing number and intensity of volcanoes and earthquakes are signs of the end times. Having just finished the Revelation series of sermons and the timing of the rapture I can't help but be aware of the signs of Christ's coming. He will be here sooner than we think.

My brother, Steve, is headed for California Friday. He is planning to hike on the PCT. He will be sending me text messages to let me know of his progress and I plan to post those here on this blog. Sometime after things settle down a bit Janie and I are going to try and take a couple of days off and do some day hiking together.
The first picture is one I took a few weeks ago of the field behind my father-in-law's house. The second picture is one I took of my father-in-law on his 86th birthday (in the background is Janie and her sister Connie. God bless you.

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