Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Byes

We got up at 5:30 this morning. I fixed breakfast for those who wanted breakfast that early which was certainly not everyone. We left the house at 6:45 in the rain. The rain stopped about the time we got to the halfway point of our journey to the airport. The traffic was really bad in Fort Worth. The trip without traffic problems takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. We got to the airport at 8:32 which means it took almost 2 hours. I parked at the curb side and everyone piled out. Jason and I unloaded the 10 duffel bags and set them on the curve. I left to park the van and Jason paid the attendant to haul the luggage to the ticket counter. Money well spent, I say. By the time I got back from parking the van they were at the counter weighing in. Only one bag was over weight. Angie quickly removed a handful of items and put them in another bag and all was well. We walked them to the security line and said our final goodbyes. It was not a tearful moment for anyone because we do plan to see them again sometime in September or October. We will see them on SKYPE at least weekly as well.

Janie and I waited until they cleared security and were out of sight then headed back to the van. We paid our $2.00 parking fee and drove home. I worked putting the dinning room back together and putting away some things. Janie wanted to take a nap and so while she got a start on that I checked my email then joined her in making some z's. After a short nap we worked on a few things and then headed for Palestine. I ordered and received in the mail a new GPS for our car. It is very very simple to operate and I think it is a big hit with Janie. She asked it to direct us to Sarah's house and it did. It has an icon on the screen that says "go home" and all you have to do is touch that and it directs you home. This will be really handy for Janie when I am not with her.

When we got to Sarah's house I found the problem with her electric stove that was shocking her. It was a bad heating element and needed to be replaced. We took it with us and with Justin and Sarah in the front and Janie and me in the back seat we went out to eat and then went by the store and got a new "eye", as Justin called it, for the stove. It installed quickly and worked just fine. When we came out of the store we saw the most unusual cloud formation. I took one of these pictures looking strait up into the clouds. There were round pillow like clouds hanging strait down like pears on a tree or giant grapes hanging from a vine. In my whole life I have never seen anything like it. There was a tornado watch in effect for the area so we left Sarah's and headed home. Janie took this other picture of a cloud that was out in front of us and with a tornado watch in effect it caused us a little concern. Our car passed directly under that cloud formation. We did not have any bad weather on the way home and only a little bit of rain. Janie is on the phone with her mother letting her know how our day went. I am looking forward to a busy day tomorrow. God bless you.

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