Monday, April 26, 2010


I went by the hospital this morning at 8:00 and had prayer with a lady who was about to under go surgery. She does not have a pastor nor does her children. After I visited with them a bit I returned home to pick up Janie and head for the nursing home. I read a passage from the Bible and led in prayer before the special music. When we got home we ate lunch and then drove about 70 miles north of Hillsboro. We spent about an hour in Cabelas and I spent my gift certificate on a new shirt. It is a very light weight long sleeved shirt that protects from the harmful sun rays. I think I am going to like this shirt better than the ones I have now. It is far lighter and well vented. I will put it to the test on my next hike.

I just finished mowing the lawn and watering our tomato plants. Jason dug a ditch along side our driveway to help the water drainage problem we always have when it rains. This last rain storm that came through gave it a good test and it passed with flying colors. We put pine bark mulch in our flowerbeds and they look real good.

I am going to work on my thesis tomorrow afternoon and hope to finish another of the 65 books I have left to read. Wednesday I plan to spend all day on the thesis so I should make some very serious progress on it this week. I talked with my mother today and have invited her to our house for Mother's day. She consented so Janie and I will pick her up the Saturday before and she will stay with us for a few days. The first picture is one Janie took of me in front of Cabelas and the second is one I took this morning during the services at the nursing home. God bless you.

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