Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dallas and Back

I went to Dallas this morning for Clint's surgery and arrived there just a minute or two after they did. They were crossing the street in front of me before I turned into the parking garage. I enjoyed visiting with Clint's parents while he was in surgery. His surgery went well and he is due to have another in May. I got to see Clay and his parents while I was there. Clay is a young boy who was burned badly a year ago in February. Clay looked like he was doing real well.

When I got back home Jason was mowing the yard and I ate some lunch and then went out and trimmed some tree limbs and did some other yard work. The grandkids pitched in and helped. The first picture is of Caleb handing me bricks to stack. I do not have a working wheelbarrow so we put the bricks we wanted to move in a trash can with wheels. He handed them to me and I stacked them. I rewarded his hard work with a fudge sickle. Jason climbed upon the roof (pictured) and trimmed some limbs that were hanging too close to it. We now have a large pile of limbs for the trash man to take off.
Janie set out some flowers and dug weeds out of the flower beds. I cooked supper tonight making spaghetti and Jason made garlic toast. It was all good.
Jason and I are going to try to go play golf tomorrow, weather permitting. I have not played in well over a year. Saturday we will be in Corsicana for the district Ladies Auxiliary meeting. God bless you.

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