Saturday, April 3, 2010

Prayer In the Sanctuary

I went to the church house today and was there all alone. I went into the sanctuary and had some time alone with God. When I prepare myself for earnest prayer I meditate for just a moment about the one to whom I am praying. It causes me to approach the prayer with great solemnity. I prayed for the services on Easter Sunday. I prayed for the people that would be there and the ones who will be listening on the radio. I asked God to lead me with His Holy Spirit that I might present His word and His message the way He wanted it to be. I ended my converstation with the Lord and started into the sermon, preaching it to the empty pews. About 5 minutes into the sermon I knew that the way I was approaching the text was not what the Lord wanted. I changed and started over. This time I went through the sermon and it just felt right. I even offered the invitation but none of the pews responded. I am really looking forward to preaching Sunday.

This evening Sarah and Justin arrived in time to see Elijah before they left. Then as Stacie and her family headed off there was a trail of transmission fluid left by their car as they started down the driveway. Justin and Scott worked on it and found a leaking hose to be the problem. We went to the car parts store and got a new hose. They had a lot of trouble getting the new hose installed but finally got it done. They are going to try to make it back home tonight and hopefully their van will not give them any trouble.

It is not often we have all of our family together at the same time but I love it when we do. The picture is one I took tonight. From left to right in the picture is Scott, Stacie, Justin, Sarah, Jason, and Angie. God bless you.

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