Thursday, April 29, 2010

60 pounds

Janie and I took her parents to Tyler today. I dropped Janie and her mother off at the hair dresser's and then took her dad over to the cancer center. We waited for 2 hours for his blood work to be tested and approved. There was a problem so the doctor had to be consulted before they would give him his treatment. He finally approved it and just as they were getting his I.V. going Janie called and said they were finished. We were talking to the nurse while she started his I.V. and he was telling her that I was his son-in-law. I mentioned I had been his son-in-law for some 36 years. He had made the statement that I was a lot bigger now than I was back then. I replied that I was 60 pounds bigger now than then and he said that he was too. I think Janie has not gained an ounce in 36 years except when she was carrying our children. I left her dad getting his treatment and drove 20 minutes back to where I had left Janie and picked them up. When we got back to the cancer center my father-in-law was finished and ready to go. We stopped to eat at the Cotton Patch about 3:30 and since we had not eaten anything since breakfast we were, needless to say, hungry. My father-in-law did not eat much at all. We made it back to their house and Janie paid bills for them while I mowed the yard. The yard needed mowing really bad. It looks a lot better now. We took a walk after I finished mowing. My in-law's are sleeping in their recliner/lift chairs right now and Janie is cleaning in the kitchen.

I am going to go to TBI in the morning and then go by to see my mother. We plan to spend the night here Friday and go home on Saturday. The picture is of us loading up to leave the restaurant. God bless you.

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