Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

It is a good Friday indeed. All of my Grandchildren are here and we are enjoying them. Janie and the girls have gone shopping and the boys are all here at the house except for Elijah. I made a casserole for supper and with the help of the two oldest grandsons I made homemade rolls. They came out really good. The picture is one I took this morning of all nine of our grandchildren.

This day is a holiday for some. Some believe that Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose again on Sunday morning. This is not the truth. A close study of the Gospels reveals that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday and rose from the grave on what would be our Saturday night about sunset. I will not be addressing this issue in the sermon Sunday. I will be talking about the resurrection from the dead. The title of my sermon is "The Death of Death."

My son-in-laws van was having some transmission problems. He worked on it today and it seems to be working right now. It has a transmission fluid leak. I bought what has to be my 10th set of wrenches today. I just could not find the one he needed. Hopefully this set will stay with me.

Tomorrow Jason and his family will return to Henderson and Stacie and her family will return to their home. I will spend the day getting ready for Sunday and working on my thesis.

I had some collect phone calls today from an inmate at the Hill County Jail. It is a sad case and I am praying for this person. I hope my Lord will work things out that this person might repent and be saved. When a person commits a crime they need to confess, plead guilty, throw themselves upon the mercy of the court, be truly sorrow for their actions, repent, vow never to do it again, and then never do it again! The woman caught in adultery was not condemned by Jesus but He did instruct her to "Go and sin no more."
The second picture posted here is of the girls getting their hair ready to go shopping. The third picture is of our son-in-law working on his van. God bless you.

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