Saturday, April 10, 2010

Watching Work

I got up about 6:30 this morning and went with Jason and Caleb over to my daughter's house in Palestine. They had a leaking pipe in their attic and they needed some electrical work done. Jason fixed the leak right off the bat. While he was working on that I went outside to take a look at the breaker box and while I was out there I noticed the smell of natural gas. I went back inside and asked Sarah for her dish washing soap. The soap revealed a leak at the meter so she called the gas company. We left to go and pick up the wiring and such that was needed for the installation of my daughter's cook stove. We arrived back at the house the same time as the repairman from the gas company. He fixed the leak and lit the pilots and left while Jason was in the attic pulling wire. My part in this project was to watch. I did very little of the actual work while Jason did the hard part. On the way back to Henderson Caleb fell asleep. We had lunch together and then Jason and his family left for a church activity and we left soon after to return home. Janie drove the first half of the way home while I took a nap. I drove the second half while she napped.

I do not know how many varieties of wild Flowers there are in Texas but its got to be a lot. I took the pictures you see here while walking Friday afternoon. The first one I am not sure of but the second is Texas Buckeye tree according to my father-in-law.

I just finished reviewing the sermon and Sunday school lesson for in the morning. I still have not decided on the sermon for Sunday night. I will, as they say, sleep on it and make up my mind in the morning. God bless you.

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