Friday, April 30, 2010


I went over to see Janie's uncle Trenton this morning. He seemed to be doing well. Friday is trash day and so the Taylor's trash and uncle Trenton's trash had to be put out. I enjoyed our visit. I returned to the Taylor's to pick up Janie and head to town. She stayed in the car working on the computer while I went in and visited with Bro. Brooks at TBI. I really enjoyed our visit. We left a load of clothes for the store room and went into town to take care of some business for my in-laws. We went over to Bro. Brook's house after lunch. Janie visited with Sis. Brooks while I got some files off of Bro. Brook's laptop. He has several sermons that I am going to put on his website.

We went to visit with my mother. We took her some pecans. Her yard looked really good and her flowers were outstanding. She is doing very well. I personally think she is working too hard but she sure would argue with me about that. We left mother's and returned to Janie's parents house and took them something to eat. We went back up town to buy them some groceries and a few other things. We got back to their house just a little bit before our oldest daughter arrived with her kids minus one. Scott and Joshua are at a men's retreat. We ate pizza with the kids and then went for a walk. Little Elijah got tired of the stroller and so I carried him the rest of the way. The first picture was taken today of my mother's house and yard. The second is of me carrying Elijah. The third is of Janie leading Jonathan and Stacie pushing Elijah. God bless you.

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