Wednesday, April 28, 2010

21 Cards

I have 21 cards now. I am reading, what is stacking up to be, a really good book on the Song of Songs. It is a thick book and very thorough on the subject. The author is very logical and his arguments are well founded. It is refreshing to read and it is my intent that my book on the Song of Songs will also be logical, well ordered, and its conclusions based on facts, truth, and hard evidence. It is particularly delightful to read the works of someone who backs up his statements with good arguments after having spent time listening to a radio evangelist who was just the opposite. I feel challenged to guard my words trying to always speak the truth firmly based in God's word.

I was called by one of our church members today. She asked a deep and difficult question and I was careful to let her know that the Bible did not give a direct answer to her question. I shared with her some scriptures that hint at the answer and that seemed to satisfy. It is my intent to teach the people whom I pastor to always base their answers to religious questions in the scriptures. Answers must be based in scripture that has been interpreted and kept in its context, Harmonized with the rest of the scriptures, and properly translated. In other words "rightly dividing the word of truth."

We had good services tonight with our usual crowd. We are about to head for Henderson now. We will spend the day with Janie's parents in Tyler and hopefully on Friday I will spend some time at TBI and then go by and see my mother. We need to get by and see Sister Davis also. The picture is my song of songs taken back in 1979. God bless you.

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