Monday, April 19, 2010

It's a Girl

Our niece, Jill, had a baby girl born today. Time has gone by so quickly. It was just two years ago that I officiated at Jill's wedding. This is Janie's youngest sister's first grandchild. I can tell them right now that they are going to like being grandparents a lot.

Janie and I visited the nursing home this morning where Janie played the piano for the service. The lady who brought the Bible lesson did a very good job. When we got home we ate lunch and I worked on the church bulletin for Sunday. I got that finished and it was time to go for my hair cut. Janie got hers cut also and when we got home we worked in the yard setting out flowers and putting mulch in the flower beds. I swept off the drive way also and when we were through we had supper and watched the news. It was a quiet day.

Tomorrow morning we have the ladies Bible study and then tomorrow night we will be in Lorena for church services. In between these two I will go to the office to do some work there and hopefully make a few more index cards for the thesis. The picture is of the flowers in front of our house that my mother set out last year. They have really done well. God bless you.

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