Friday, April 16, 2010


Jason and I fixed breakfast for the kids this morning. Jason and Angie were given a huge bunch of hamburger buns so we made cinnamon toast out of them. After breakfast Jason and I loaded our golf bags into the trunk and headed off to play 18 holes. There were not many on the course. We let a group of 3 play through and then later a young man by himself caught up to us and we let him pass us. The sky was overcast but I got sunburned anyway. We both hit some really good shots and some really bad ones. Jason scored 2 strokes more than I did. I will not say how many strokes we had each, suffice it to say it was a lot. I lost as many balls as I found so all in all it was not a bad round of golf. We stopped for a hamburger on our way home.

Janie and I went to the store and picked up some things we needed including some flower bed border. With Jason and the kids help we got the border installed and some tomato plants set out. Between 18 holes of golf and the yard work I should not have to be rocked to sleep tonight.

It's off to the district ladies auxiliary meeting in the morning. I will spend the afternoon getting things ready for Sunday services and maybe even get some more reading done for the thesis. God bless you.

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