Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anything But Moribund

Our services today were anything but moribund (lifeless, stagnant). We had a good number in attendance and exciting texts in both Sunday School and the sermon. I finished the book of Revelation and next Sunday will cover the timing of the rapture. We had a quiet afternoon. I will be helping in the nursing home services in the morning and Tuesday morning we will be in Henderson for the Mt. Zion District Ladies Auxiliary. I plan to attend a surgery on Thursday in Dallas and visit at the jail on Friday. So my week is going to be anything but moribund.
The picture is one I took Saturday in our daughter's back yard. My son-in-law built this chicken coop and it is a beauty. It holds a dozen chickens and judging from the eggs Sarah and Caleb (seen here standing at the door) gathered on this day egg production is anything but moribund. God bless you.

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