Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Whoosh, the cover flew back and then, thud, I was on my feet. This day was off to a good start. The whop of the shampoo bottle lid opening echos in our shower so loud it has to wake Janie up. I say to this uncaring inanimate object "shhhhh." When your spouse is trying to sleep and you are doing all you can not to wake her it would be nice if the objects around you would cooperate, but nooooo.

I had spent the last hour before bedtime listening to a radio evangelist talking about the timing of the rapture and the more I listened the louder my objections rang out. Awww, I would shout as one untruth after another came from the speakers of my laptop. It ended up giving me nightmares. I gave the ladies at the Bible study an ear full of my complaints about this man's sermon. Our discussions went long and we were late finishing up. The lady who had brought the refreshments fed us hot dogs that were really good. During our Bible study we were interrupted with a ding dong. The Schwans lady was about 2 hours early so Janie asked her to come back later which she did.

I took Janie to Curves and dropped her off there while I went to the post office to mail a package. A lady who does a lesson at the nursing home service the first Monday of each month saw me there and asked if I would take charge of the services this coming Monday and I gladly said yes. I visited with another lady at the post office who had joined our church several years ago but has not been back to our church services since. There was still time to kill so I went to the car wash and then parked out front of Curves waiting for Janie.

This evening we went down to Lorena and had a really good service with the Faith church. We were greeted with the meow of a cat that was crawling toward our feet. The meowing continued until its master had enough and put the cat in the garage. We stayed afterward and had a short visit with the couple in whose house we were meeting. The traffic coming home was not bad at all. We stopped for fuel on our way to the services and while I was filling up the car I heard this loud varoom varoom sound and looked up to see a big motorcycle pulling up close to me. For a second I could not figure out what he was doing. It looked as though he had no reverse gear and was trying to back this thing up by walking it while sitting on it. It just looked strange. He awkwardly got the thing where he wanted it.

I have a busy day tomorrow which will no doubt begin with a whoosh and a thud. I will work on my thesis all day tomorrow except for one small chore. Tomorrow it will be click click click on this keyboard. The picture is of the grandkids going pop pop working over some bubble wrap. God bless you.

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