Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Travel

My mother-in-law by the casket during the family viewing time.
Janie and her sisters recording special music for the funeral.
We had good services this morning and Janie and I stayed to eat at the church.  We headed out for Henderson as soon as we got packed up.  We arrived just in time to meet the rest of the family at the funeral home in Henderson.  It was a difficult time for my mother-in-law to see her husband's body lying in the casket.  It is a beautiful wooden casket.  We remained there for a couple of hours and then went over to Calvary Baptist Church to record some special music for the funeral.  The first special will be my brother-in-law, Tom, playing the saw accompanied by his wife on the piano.  Then Tom's family sang a song and then Janie and I joined in on the next two songs.  We returned to the Taylor house where I burned these songs after some editing to a CD.  That is one of several things that needed to be done before the funeral on Tuesday.  Tomorrow there is a long list of things to get done and between Janie and her sisters and us son-in-laws it will all get done.  Janie is working on a revised obituary right now.  I will need to work on the sermon tomorrow and get that ready to go. The weather forecast is not looking good for Tuesday.  It is suppose to rain and be about 38 degrees (windchill 23 degrees) during the funeral.  The graveside service will be a challenge.  We will have to find a way to get my mother-in-law out to the grave in a wheelchair.   What is crazy about Texas weather is that today it was 80 degrees and by Wednesday it is suppose to be down in the teens. 
Some discussion after the recording session.
Thanks to our sound man at church we have a new camera in the sound booth.  It was his old digital video camera and he made it work with Skype and Jason was able to see the services up close.  This means that when we are on vacation if France we will be able to see the services in Hillsboro much better.  We are so excited about this new camera.  (Thanks Chris, you are such a blessing!)  God bless you. 

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