Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twins and Twine

The twins
Janie and I went down to Gatesville, Texas today for the District Ladies Auxiliary meeting.  The Ladies of the host church put on an excellent skit with a sewing theme.  Janie and I got to hold a set of twin girls who are seven months old.  They were sweet little babies.  They belong to a very special and extraordinary family whom we have always admired.  We came home by way of the scenic route and it was a beautiful drive.  We made a visit to the hospital to see one of our church members.  We got home and made some phone calls then Janie took a short nap.
Me and Leah
I watched a DVD this evening of a debate about the existence of God and it was a good debate though both sides, in my estimation, were flawed in their arguments.  It is difficult to watch it with an open mind but I did the best I could.  I really believe both of the combatants in the debate broke the natural laws of logic thus no sound case was made on either side.  The apologist won in my estimation for he put forth the better case.  I plan to share portions of this debate to my congregation one Sunday night. 
I am preaching from the 99th Psalm tomorrow morning.  I need to review that and the Sunday School lesson but thought I would blog a bit first.  I talked with Jason today and he is doing well and got a good report from the doctor and the test.  Angie is still coughing a lot and we are praying for her.  My father-in-law seems to be on a hunger strike again now that he is back in the nursing home.  He wants to go home and I can certainly understand that.  God bless you.

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