Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Janie and her mother
I made a trip down to Waco today for a surgery. That trip went well and returning home I ate a bowl of homemade chili.  It was really good on this cold day.  I got some work done and then went to church.  The service was not well attended but those present had a good time of singing and reflection with the scriptures. I wish that all of our church members would and could attend all of our services but I know that such a thing is just not possible.
Janie trying on a new dress
We booked our tickets today for our trip to France.  We are due to leave on August 1st and return on the 18th.  We are going to fly from the Dallas/Fort Worth airport to London's Heathrow airport then to Toulouse, France which is a city just an hours drive from Jason's house in Magrie.  Sometime during our stay we plan to make a trip by rented van to Normandy and to tour the D-day invasion sites.  I am looking forward to that and spending time with the grandkids who will be out of school the whole time we are there.  It should be, Lord willing, a really good vacation.  
We are due to see our state side grandchildren on Friday and that will be good.  Janie's father is in the nursing home for rehabilitation and we will be spending some time there cheering and encouraging him, or he us. We will return to Hillsboro on Saturday after attending a 90th birthday party.  Janie and I have to leave the house at 5:00 in the morning to attend a surgery in Arlington so I had better head for bed.  God bless you.

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