Monday, January 10, 2011

Let It Snow

Our church parking lot as Janie and I were leaving Sunday
It snowed here on Sunday.  We had a much larger attendance on Sunday morning and Sunday night than I had expected.  It was very cold and raining when we went to church and by the time services were over it was snowing hard and beginning to stick to the ground.  The afternoon saw the snowing stop and the melt down begin. Most of the snow was gone by the time we left for church Sunday night.  Sunday morning I had preached from the book of Amos on the subject of "The Fourth Sin."  Sunday night I showed some videos of Atheists putting down people who believe in God.  The deacons meeting was very short.
The court house in Hillsboro taken Saturday from the Post office
The roads were in bad shape in the Dallas area so the meeting I was to attend was called off.  About 10:30 I got a call that the meeting was on again and we would meet for lunch and then take care of business.  Justin and Sarah drove up just as we were about to leave.  They are going to spend the night with us.  They went with us to Garland and Justin did the driving.  My blog book arrived also as we were about to leave.  I spent most of the driving time looking a the blog book for 2010.  I counted 117 pictures of Janie in the book.  You would gather from this statistic that I like her and you would be right.  I have not counted but I suspect that pictures of grandkids would come in second.  I enjoyed looking through the book because many of the things in it I had forgotten.  It is amazing how soon we forget the years of our lives.  I wish I had been able to blog for the past 37 years.  Well its off to bed now.  I will be making a major announcement tomorrow so stay tuned.  God bless you.

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