Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jim Taylor

I do not remember the first time I saw my father.  I was much too young to remember that event.  I had no choice when it came to my father and the Lord gave me a really really good one.  I do remember the first time I met my father-in-law.  I did have a choice as to whom would be my father-in-law.  If I wanted his daughter I had to want him as well.  God not only gave me a wonderful wife but he also gave me a wonderful father-in-law.  I met Jim Taylor in his kitchen.  He came in from work and I was there.  He was very tall and thin.  He had on overalls that had holes all in the legs below the knees.  He was dirty from working and the bill of his cap was turned strait up.  I thought he looked goofy.  He set his things down and while talking to me he took a slice of bread out of the loaf and picked up the salt shaker and began to salt the bread.  He shook and shook that salt shaker for the longest time.  I can remember wondering what he was going to do with a salted slice of bread.  I thought it must be for putting on a sore spot or something.  I had never seen this done before so I was curious about it.  He folded that bread in two and began to eat it.  I thought he must surely be trying to run me off.  I have a thousand such memories.
Last night the angels came a got Jim and took him to heaven.  We did not get to bed until 3:00 this morning.  We are going to the funeral home to make the arrangements at 1:00 this afternoon.  It is a tough time for my mother-in-law.  I plan to return to Hillsboro for the services there and then come back to Henderson for the funeral.  God bless you.

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