Monday, January 3, 2011

Elephant's Hind Leg

Me working on my French lesson.  Made a 47% on the unit 1 final exam.
I found this quote from Abraham Lincoln.  "When you have got an elephant by the hind leg, and he is trying to run away, it's best to let him run." That is pithy, is it not? Sometimes I have an elephant by the hind leg and don't realize it.  Some things you just can't stop and if you try you will end up in bad way.  When a thing is too big for you to handle the first problem you must face is to recognize that the thing is too big to handle.  Once you get that figured out turning loose is the easy part.  Prayer mixed with faith, that's how you turn loose of that elephant's hind leg.  God can take care of that elephant so turn loose.

We had good services today.  Our Sunday night service was very well attended.  I am very encouraged by this trend because our attendance was dropping and there seemed to be no stopping it.  When you let go of that elephant God will take over.

My Father back in the 60's at the church he pastored in Ayer, Mass.
After services tonight we were invited to a couples house for a time of fellowship.  We enjoyed it very much. I sat at the table with the new pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hillsboro.  I gave him the 20 questions work over and he fared well.  He is an amillennialist, and a non-gapper.  Like me, he is working on his doctor's degree.  He is a really nice guy and the three times I have heard him preach he has done very well.  He seems to have the fire so I like him.
I will be going to the court house in the morning to watch a swearing in ceremony and then its off to Waco for surgery there.  Stay away from those elephant hind legs and God bless you.

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