Thursday, January 27, 2011

Janie presiding over the District Ladies Aux. meeting.
Janie's father is not doing well by last account.  I am given to understand that the doctor mentioned Hospice to him relative to his not eating.  I am not sure how this is all going to work out exactly but for now Janie is preparing to stay for a week or so in Henderson if she is needed.  If they bring her dad back home instead of back to the nursing home then she will need to stay and help out with that.  I would return to Hillsboro for my duties here. Tomorrow morning early I will go to the hospital here in Hillsboro.  One of our church members is having surgery.  We will head over to Henderson afterward and I will return home on Saturday.
Janie, Hannah, Joshua, Scott, and Janie's mother at the nursing home.
I have an exciting Sunday Night service lined out for our church.  I wish everyone would attend.  The subject matter is very important and pertinent.  I will be showing several short video clips stopping to comment on them and shine the light of God's Word upon them.  It is going to be some really good stuff.  Those of you who are members of Walnut Street spread the word and tell everybody to be sure to attend Sunday night.
Sarah called this morning and said she was sick.  She was very dizzy and nauseated.  I don't think she kept anything down all day.  I feel bad for her and hope she is doing better.
Our phone line was giving us some trouble yesterday and our internet went down for a while.  The repairman called this morning and said he would check it out.  He called later to report he had found the problem and gotten it fixed. 
Janie sitting in the tent she helped me make a couple of years ago
I took a few  minutes to work on the new tent I am designing.  It looks like it is going to work real good and be really light.  It only takes two tent stakes and two hiking poles to erect it.  It is 10 ft long and 4 ft wide in the center.  It tapers on both ends to a point. I had Janie to help me visualize it.  She held my hiking poles in the proper positions while I sat beneath them. I tried to envision the size and shape to see if it would be big enough and I believe it will be.  I have a simple drafting software called Delta-Cad.  I just bought the latest version of it and I really like it.  I am getting close to being ready to make the prototype.  I will be photographing the whole process and the pictures will be posted under the hiking tab on this blog. 
The smell of my homemade raisin bread is making my stomach growl.  Its just about ready.  God bless you.

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