Tuesday, January 11, 2011

$1,100.00 What a blessing

Way more than $100.00 richer
When Sarah and Justin arrived at our house on Monday they came in bringing a gift that they said was a late Christmas gift.  Sarah handed it to Janie and she opened it revealing an 8x10 picture frame.  Janie and I were puzzled by this strange gift until Sarah held it up to the wall next to her and Justin's wedding picture.  This spot is of course reserved for their first child as was the case with each of our other children.  Hugs and congratulations followed of course and we are very excited and happy for them.  When we got back home from Garland on Monday we took them out to eat and then to a teller machine to withdraw $100.00 cash.  As those of you who know me and have been reading this blog know, I give $100.00 to my children upon the announcement of their expectancy of a child.  So far I have been out $1,100.00.  What a blessing!  If she should have twins I will be out another $100.00.  It may be noted that we have not adjusted this amount for inflation; it was $100 12 years ago and its still $100.  Jason and Angie where shorted with Arianna for their $100.00 converted to Euros came out be only about $65.00.  I don't adjust for exchange rates either.
In the back seat Janie and I enjoyed being chauffeured to Garland
The ladies Bible study was really good this morning.  We have started the critique of a sermon by David Jeremiah on the timing of the rapture.  We spent 15 minutes on his use of the phrase "the rapture of the church" which occurred within the first minute and 28 seconds of his sermon.  It is a misnomer of that event called the rapture.  It is the rapture of the saints or of the redeemed not of the church. This prompted some good discussion.  I really enjoy the Ladies Bible Study.
The services at Lorena were outstanding.  We sing several songs and then I preach without a time limit.  We have a short time of visiting afterward and part ways having truly worshiped the Lord.
I may have to go to Waco for a surgery tomorrow but will not know until in the morning.  I have much study to do and so I better get to it.  God bless you.

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