Thursday, January 6, 2011


Huge hollow limb with a bee hive inside
Tuesday night, after the services at Lorena were over, we went outside in the back yard where the services had been held to see an amazing sight.  There was a hollow tree limb laying on the ground and it was full of bees.  You could hear them humming away inside the limb.   The lady whose house we were at keeps bees and this limb was a gift to her.  The man was cutting firewood and had cut this limb out of a tree.  He brought it to her on a trailer and the bees stayed right with it all the way.
Wednesday was a busy day and the services Wednesday night were good.  I led the singing and that is amazing because Sunday I coughed so bad I could barely get through my Sunday school lesson and sermon never mind sing.  The cough is much better now.
In the emergency room this morning
Janie called her mother to see how they were doing and her dad is not well.  He has pneumonia and is even now in ICU at the Henderson Hospital.  We got to the Hospital this morning about 1:00 and stayed until almost 4:00.  After only a few hours of sleep Janie got up and headed back to the hospital to be there for the 10:00 visiting hour.  She plans to have him transferred to Tyler where his doctor is located.  His fever was 103 and he was completely unresponsive.  When we left the hospital this morning he did say a couple of words so was making improvement.  Keep him in your prayers.  I have stayed behind to keep my mother-in-law from being at home alone.  As Janie and I were standing by her dad's bedside in the ER a nurse came in to start the I.V. medication and she asked Janie "Are you his wife?" referring to her dad. Don't you know that made Janie's day.  Janie called just now and said her dad is back to his right mind.  He smiling and talking and feel better.  He does not remember yesterday or how he got to the hospital.  Janie sounded relieved that her dad was doing good.  God bless you.

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