Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My in-laws last night at the hospital in Tyler
We have journeyed to Henderson to help with Janie's dad and mother.  He is in the hospital in Tyler still and may return to the nursing home in a few days.  Janie said he was really confused today and she has been with him for the past seven hours. 
I went to Palestine to see our daughter and her husband and to help them with a networking problem.  They are setting up a daycare center in their church and he is doing a lot of carpentry work and Sarah is going to take care of the books and the computer part of the daycare.  She was having problems networking their two computers and so I went to help get that going.  A bad CAT5 cable was the main problem.  We got the network up and going and both computers on the internet. 
Janie and her boss at Sullivan Supply South
I left them and returned to Henderson and have been working on the sermon for Sunday.  It is an exciting text and I can't wait to expound its contents to the congregation. 
Janie and I will stay in Henderson through Friday.  I have gotten someone to take my class Wednesday night and we will return to Hillsboro on Friday.  We have a dentist appointment Thursday morning.  Well Janie and her mother are here so I must go and see how their day went.  God bless you.

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