Saturday, January 22, 2011

The way it is suppose to be

Our grandson, Jonathan, at the nursing home.
Every year for the past eight I have created a folder with the year as its title.  These folders reside inside a folder called "Funerals."  Funerals are inevitable and unavoidable.  I stood at the head of the coffin looking over the crowd of about sixty people waiting for others to arrive and the time to start.  It was 40 degrees and sunny.  Janie looks really cold in her pretty but not practical coat.  She is standing next to a couple who have been married as long as I am old.  They have become our very dear friends.  After the service was over I stood next to him in sunshine when his wife emerged from the tent having greeted the family.  She stood with her back to us scanning the crowd and I could hear her say "Where is he?"  She was looking for her husband and he did not speak but just watched her.  He reminds me of me for he dearly loves his wife and he enjoyed just watching her.  I know that feeling oh so well.  Finally, like a search light making a sweeping motion her eyes fell upon us standing together.  She knew he knew that she was looking for him and wondered why he did not speak up.  I know why and he knows why. His eyes were drinking in and savoring the moment.  The man whose wife had died had been married to her for 69 years.  World, that is the way marriage is suppose to be. 
My in-laws and a hamburger
Janie's dad is back at the nursing home.  He is doing better. Her mother is staying with him as long as she can to keep him company.  I got a little tickled with her at the hospital.  She asked the nurse if she would put his hamburger together for him.  She knew they were bringing him a hamburger for supper and she thought she needed to stay long enough to put the lid on his hamburger for him.  I asked him if he could handle that job and he said he could.  When the hamburger came she stood up out of her chair to put the lid on it.  That is when she asked the nurse for help.  I think the nurse thought it a strange request.  I stepped up and reached out and assembled the burger for him for her.  They have been married 64 years. World, that is the way marriage is suppose to be.
That's Janie, if I sat this way I would  break my leg.
I have not gotten much sleep lately and I had a headache today.  I went to bed at 8:00 and am now up at midnight blogging.  Janie woke me up coming to bed.  I was a bit hungry so have eaten a small bowl of cereal while blogging.  We have to rise at 7:00 to get ready for the district ladies auxiliary this morning so I had better get back in that bed and get some sleep.  I hear Janie stirring and she is now seated next to me eating a bowl of cereal.  I love her so! World, that is the way marriage is suppose to be.   God bless you.

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