Thursday, January 6, 2011

The First Walk of the Year

Janie and I on our 2nd walk of the year
Janie and I took our first and second walks of the year today.  The first was early this afternoon and the second was just as the sun was going down.  My father-in-law is doing well.  We just returned from the last visiting time for the day.  He was sleeping soundly so we did not wake him.  He was very talkative at 6:00 but sleeping at 8:00. 
Janie's sister and her husband are on their way here from Mississippi.  They should arrive about midnight.  It will be good to have them here. One of the daughters can spend time with their dad while the other spends time with their mom.  We will most likely head home Friday evening depending on how things go with my father-in-law tomorrow.  I plan to work on my thesis in the morning. I read 14 chapters in the Bible today and worked on the sermon for Sunday. 
Janie on our afternoon walk
Between ICU visitation times this evening Janie and I went to the store to get some things that my mother-in-law needed.  Janie wanted to shop for some clothes and while at the store I found what I considered to be an ugly dress. I showed it to Janie and she agreed.  I asked her to try it on and let me see what it would looked like.  To my surprise she consented.  She came to the door of the dressing area to show me the dress and I took her picture.  I will not display it here on this blog (37 years of marriage has taught me better).  It was fun and I will keep the picture in my cell phone as a sweet memory.  I did show the picture to my mother-in-law and she thought it looked good.  It will be in my 2011 blog book if I remember to add it in.  God bless you.

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