Saturday, January 8, 2011

Precious Memories

Janie's sister feeding her dad
I was at the Post Office this afternoon all by myself when a man came in whistling the song "Precious Memories."  I spoke to him and he to me then he resumed the song.  As he began to leave I said "Precious Memories."  He replied "That's right."  He made for me a precious memory.  I like living in a small town.  The vast majority of the people of Hillsboro that I encounter are friendly and courteous.  I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few things and while I was there one of the men who works there was singing at the top of his voice the song that was playing on the store's sound system.  He was off key and lagging behind in tempo but there was a joy in his voice.  It made me start to sing hoping that I was a little more on key and in sync with the song.  It is so nice to be around happy people.
My mother-in-law, son-in-law and daughter Friday evening
I am about to type up my sermon for Sunday.  It is suppose to be bad weather tomorrow so our attendance may be low.  I studied the Sunday School Lesson this afternoon and reviewed the lesson for Sunday night.  It is suppose to be below freezing and snowing here Sunday night so again our attendance may not be very large.
Sarah and Justin came over to Henderson to see my father-in-law in the hospital.  They brought my 16 foot flat bed trailer back to Henderson.  He had put all new lights on it and a new RV type connector plug.  It looked and worked really good. I am going to be very careful about loaning it out from now on.  I do not have a truck right now but plan to get one in another year or so.  Then I will have a way of hauling a trailer.  Justin does really good work. You may remember that he is the one who made the cabinets you see in the picture.  Well its off to type a sermon entitled "The Fourth Sin."  God bless you.

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