Friday, October 1, 2010

Taylor Visit

Our trip to Henderson has gone well.  My Father-in-law's doctor's appointment went smoothly.  Janie took her mother to get her hair fixed and that also went well.  Janie, her sister, and her mother watched a "chick flick" in the kitchen while my father-in-law and I watched the Texas A&M/ Oklahoma State football game.  I took a break from the game to check on "the girls" and took this picture.  The movie was "Ever After." I had a wonderful dream last night.  I dreamed bro. Davis came down from heaven for a visit.  He could not tell me how wonderful heaven was for there were just no words for it.  He said the 7th trumpet rapture was the correct one. I also dreamed that in the future you will buy movies in a bottle. You will get thousands of movies in one bottle and you take an eye dropper and put one drop into a DVD like player it plays a movie.  When the movie is over the drop will have hardened and you put it back in the bottle.  I woke up with a thousand questions about how that could work. 

We are heading back to Hillsboro this morning via Canton.  Its trades day and we are going to pick up something there for a friend. 
I will be preaching from Isaiah 58/59 on Sunday. Tomorrow is our local Baptist association meeting and that should consume the whole day.  God bless you.

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