Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Ladies Bible Study was good but we did have 3 absent.  I was listening to a preacher on the internet who was doing a terrible job and I kept pausing his sermon and expressing my outrage.  Janie came into the room and suggested I turn him off because I would be in a bad mood when the ladies arrived.  She is most wise and I turned it off.  After the ladies left we went and got a hair cut.  We had a sandwich for lunch then I took a siesta.  We went down to Lorena for services there but due to some confusion we had a good visit but no services.  Janie and I went out to eat afterward having one of our favorite meals, beef stew, at the Cracker Barrel (pictured).  When we got home we watched some news and then we went to the gym.  Janie got a headache while on the first exercise machine.  She took it easy for a bit and the headache went away.  We are home now and I will do my French lesson and then head for bed.  The siesta was good but you can't get any work done sleeping.  No siesta tomorrow.  God bless you.

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