Sunday, October 3, 2010

Anytime Gym

The picture is of my hiking cook pot. It is light weight and something about cooking outdoors with this pot just makes the food taste good.  I suppose it is really because when I use this pot I have hiked all day and anything would taste good when you are that hungry.  Janie and I are planning a hike but we will not be cooking outdoors.  Just a sandwich at lunch on the trail and then supper in a nice cafe and a soft bed at a hotel room some where close to the trail.  I don't mind sleeping on the ground and ruffing it but Janie's not really into that so it will be the best of both worlds.  Click on the hiking tab above to read more about where we are planning to go.  The picture below is of me and my grandson Caleb hiking in France.

We had a really good Lord's Day today.  Before I went to church this morning I sent out some text messages from my cell phone.  I was praying for the people in my cell phone's contact list and I felt led to text some words of encouragement to some.  Two of those I texted responded with "who is this."  One was no longer a good number so I deleted that one from my phone.  Our attendance was up and we had visitors. I preached about the Sabbath and tonight the sermon was on "The Fear of The LORD."  A two hour nap was in order for this afternoon and though interrupted by a phone call it was still refreshing.  Tonight after I blog I will get some work done.  I have not seen a french lesson in four days though I have been listening to the CD in the car.  This evening after church we went by to take a love offering to a lady who lost her husband to cancer.  She was very grateful and gave me a hug.  

I preach at the nursing home in the morning. Tuesday Janie and I will head for McKinney for the State Pre-Association meeting. That will consume most of that day.  Since I won't get much work done on Tuesday I will have to double up tonight and tomorrow.

I am considering joining a gym.  There is an "Anytime Gym" opening up in our town in a very convenient location.  My legs are in good shape from all the walking that I do but the rest of me could use some work.  Typing is just not enough exercise. I will keep you posted as to how that turns out. Janie goes to Curves and one big thing I like about Curves is that it is for women only.  She is not exercising with men.  The thing I don't like about Curves is the limited hours they are open. It is just not convenient for her.  We might consider the anytime gym route and go together.

God answered a prayer for me today.  I should not be amazed by that. He does it so often. Sometimes I pray for something and when it comes to pass I am not amazed.  I think to myself, "Well that worked itself out."  I should not think that way for God is answering even when the answer does not seem like a big deal.  Sometimes things are impossible but God can do the impossible and when He does that is when I am so amazed.  I am currently praying for a miracle.  The thing for which I am praying only God can do.  I think today's answered prayer was God's way of telling me to be patient and His will for which I am praying is also going to be done.  My prayer for you is that you will see God working in your life and you too will be amazed.  God bless you.  

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