Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lilia, elle est une tâche maître

Lilia is a task master.  She has her own email address now and sent me a most difficult text.  I had much difficulty translating it. But I got it done and did the best I could to send her back an email in my very poor French.  My French lesson went well this morning, except of course the grammar and spelling part.  It is my goal that when I see her next 90% of our conversation will be in French.
It has been a good day and our services tonight were good.  An odd thing happened at our church tonight.  We had four in my class tonight and that includes me.  There were Five in Janie's class counting Janie.  There were seven in the teen class counting the teacher.  It use to be that my class was the largest but that was not the case tonight.  We took two girls home after the services which took an hour.
We are not going to Henderson tonight so tomorrow I will get some work done here at the house and head for Henderson tomorrow evening.  I made an interesting tamale casserole for lunch today and it was good.  Well its off to bed now French lessons come early.  French, Song of Solomon, mow the yard, MBA of Texas, makes for a busy day.  I will take Friday as my day off this week and spend it in Henderson.  God bless you.

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