Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dr. Worsham

I have a dentist appointment in the morning in Center, Texas with Dr. Worsham.  We have known her for several years.  The church of which she is a member goes to the same week of camp as our church.  Her husband is the superintendent of schools in Joaquin, Texas.  My dentist here could not get to me until the end of November so Janie called Dr. Worsham. We are leaving tonight so we can make an 11:00 appointment. We had a good day today.  I spent a couple of hours at the hospital visiting today.  I wish I could have stayed to help out but had to leave for our mid-week services.  We are going to have to return to Hillsboro on Friday so we can be ready for the work day at the church on Saturday.  I took the picture at the cemetery in Hillsboro on my way home from visitation the other day.  God bless you.

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