Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lights Out

Our lights went out today for about 30 minutes.  It was a blown fuse somewhere down the street from us.  This has been a busy day.  I only spent 45 minutes on French this morning.  I needed to get a lot of other things done.  I finished typing the sermon for Sunday and the one for Sunday night.  I studied my Sunday School lesson and did some Visual Basic programing.  I am making a major change to the software I wrote for the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas.  That needs to be finished and tested so I can give it to the two men who make up the enrollment committee. They are a big help to me in getting my part of the State minute book ready.  17 churches have filled out their church letter form online which is far short of the 286 churches listed in the MBA of Texas minute book.   
Janie has been working a lot today.  The picture is of her office here at the house in its new location.  We called and talked with Janie's sister who lives in Mississippi.  I had been thinking about them off and on all week.  They are doing fine.  They were babysitting their granddaughter.  My brother-in-law is getting ready for deer season which will begin in November.
I am getting ready to go hiking. Hiking season, at least for me, is in the late fall and throughout the winter. Winter hiking has the advantage of no bugs and no heat stroke.  Janie and I will head for Palo Duro Canyon some time between now and Christmas.  After a hike with my brothers Friday next week and again the first Friday in November I should be primed and ready for the canyon.  God bless you.

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