Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Red Fish Is In The Car

We had good services today.  We had some returning visitors who had come to our services while we were on vacation in France. It is always good to see visitors in our services.  This afternoon we talked with Jason, Angie, and the kids in France (pictured).  It was good to hear from them.  All is going well there.  Arianna (pictured below) slept for 10 hours strait the other night so they were happy about that.  They sent some real good pictures of her smiling.  I spoke to each of the grandkids and made up a sentence in French to try out on them.  The first one was rough but Lilia understood what I was trying to say.  The second one was for Caleb and he corrected me big time.  The third one was Micah and he said "Yes that is French." I had to repeat it again for him and he translated it just right.  It makes me want to get back to those lessons.  I think it impressed Janie that I could say a whole sentence in French and the grandkids confirmed that I was at least a little close to being right.  Here are the sentences I tried out on them.  "The black dog is in the car."  "The black cat is in the car." "The red fish is in the car." "I am a grandfather."  The last sentence came out "I am a big rock."  But Caleb set me strait after having a big laugh at my expense. 

I broke a tooth today.  I hate it when that happens.  I will have to see a dentist now and no telling what it will cost to fix.  I don't want to have it pulled so I am hoping the dentist can cap it or something. I plan to call for an appointment tomorrow.

My daughter just got high speed internet at her house.  I hope this means she will blog more often.  I love reading her blogs they are always so good, though the pictures she posts usually end up costing me a 4 hour car trip to Moss Hill, Texas. 

Tomorrow we plan to help out in the nursing home services first thing and then mail a box to France.  I am going to check on my minute books to see if they are ready to go then I will work on the sermon for Wednesday night.  On Tuesday I need work on a ramp for the church so we can stain it on Saturday when we have the church wide work day.  Wednesday will find me working on MBA of Texas church letters and then on Thursday we are planning to head over to Canton.  I want to call Sister Davis and get by to see her Thursday evening if possible and then Friday will be spent in Henderson visiting and helping out there.  Saturday is work day at the church and there is much work to be done.  Sunday the Mattingly Family will be at our church to sing and we will have a time of food and fellowship afterward.  It is shaping up to be a wonderful week.... except for the dentist part.....  God bless you.

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